Steve Eskow

steve_eskow160President, Pangaea Network
President Emeritus, Rockland Community College

In his twenty years as a community college president, Steve Eskow helped bring international education opportunities and distance learning to thousands of students. As president of the Electronic University Network, he pioneered in helping other colleges and universities harness the teaching power of the Internet and World Wide Web. In his most recent venture, the Pangaea Network, he is creating FIDE, a coalition of faith-based and educational institutions working together to bring new learning technologies and services to West Africa.

During Eskow’s tenure as president of Rockland Community College, State University of New York, the college grew from 135 students to become a major force in New York and a leader in nontraditional and international education. He was the founder and first president of the College Consortium of International Studies (CCIS), a federation that now has 95 college members and sends some 4,000 students abroad each year to 35 countries; he was also the founding president of the International Partnership for Service Learning and Leadership (IPSL), a federation of colleges that sends students to serve in community service agencies in several countries.

A frequent speaker at educational seminars and conventions, Eskow is a recognized leader of distance learning programs, having directed several national conferences and workshops on the virtual campus, distance learning, and online training. His success in driving new educational ventures has been the subject of numerous articles and dissertations. In addition, he has written more than 50 articles, chapters, and monographs on the virtual campus, corporate/college partnerships, distance learning, corporate training, and international education.

Eskow earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California at Berkeley, a Master of Arts from Columbia University, and a Doctor of Philosophy from Syracuse University.

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