Jim’s ETC Publications – continued

This is a continuation of Jim Shimabukuro’s list of ETCJ publications. (Click here to return to the originating page.)

‘Students Come First’ in Idaho, but the Task Force Has to Do Its Homework
Bush and Hunt’s ‘New Higher Education Model’ Falls Short
University Leaders Beginning to Flex Their eMuscles
The Aakash $35 Tablet – A Breakthrough for Universal Access
Harry Keller Interview in AJDE
The Digital Promise – It Must Be Sustainable
Online and Teacherless Aren’t Synonymous
A Lesson from Kyrene: Technology Alone Is Not the Answer
Open Online Classes: Is Retention an Effective Measure of Success?
Managing Online Learning: What’s Best Practice?
Online Science Initiatives Are Changing Traditional Roles
Data Mining and Online Learning
iPhone 4 – Redefining Mobility in Education
e-G8 – Lawrence Lessig: ‘Outsider Innovation Threatens the Incumbent’
e-G8 – Rupert Murdoch: Education Is the Last Digital Holdout
e-G8 Forum – ‘Future Net: What’s Next?’
Education Reform: If It Can’t Fit into a Tablet PC, Forget It
A Quick and Dirty Look at Project-Based Learning
An Interview with Jessica Knott: Teaching an Online Class on Course Development
Will $90 DVD Players Replace Home PCs?
The Web As a Platform for Teacher Revitalization
When Medium Meets Message: Professional Development for the 21st Century
A Celebration of Healing and the New Web Rhetoric: ‘StarFestival’
‘StarFestival: A Return to Japan’ with Shigeru Miyagawa
A Cloud-Based Model for Change – Brookdale Community College
Mental Model for 21st Century Education: School First or Student First
‘Asians in the Library’ and Lessons for Colleges
The ‘Net Generation’ and the Myth of Research
Why LMSs Aren’t the Answer
Panic in an Online Class: A Message to My Students
The ‘Dojo’ Model for Student-Led Learning
‘PISA 2009 Results’ Released Today: US Hovers at the Mean
Sloan-C 2010 Report on Online Education – A Quick Review
Trolls – How to Deal with Them?
PLENK2010: Theory As Practice
EBUS – A Model for Online Learning
Totally Online: The Confused State of ‘Online’ Courses at Sac State
A Glimpse at the 2010 National Education Technology Plan
Open Courseware: A Survey and Comments
Totally Online: Disconnect Between Means and Ends: 2010 NCREN Community Day
Attwell @ Preskett, or Don’t Fix It If It Ain’t Broke
Education Reform: Incremental or Disruptive?
Change Has Already Arrived but We Don’t Know It, Yet
The Bright New Face of Educational Leadership – Eric Sheninger
‘Has the Internet obsoleted formal schools?’
For Educational Change — Teachers Are the Key
We Need an Eco-Smart Model for Online Learning
JRTE Spring 2010 Issue – A Sacrilegious Review
Was Rischard’s ISTE 2010 Keynote Really That Bad?
Totally Online: Live Lecture Better Than Video Lecture?
The Limits of Educational Technocracy: Change As No More of the Same
Totally Online: Gov. Tim Pawlenty: iColleges Are the Wave of the Future
A Quick Review of JOLT’s June 2010 Issue
Bill Gates on Online Learning in 2010
A Peek at ‘Technology and Pedagogy Expectations for an In-Person Course’
The Internet Helps Us to Be Smarter – A Reply to Nicholas Carr
Totally Online: Texas A&M Decentralizing Office of Distance Ed
Totally Online: Is Writing Best Taught F2F?
Tipping Points for Change: Are We There Yet?
Totally Online: iPad – Breakthrough or Misstep?
Headphones, Computers, and the Web
Sloan-C Survey 2009 – 25% of College Students Are Taking Online Classe
‘Digital_Nation’ – A Digital_Dud
Totally Online: Reading Ability As a ‘New’ Challenge for Online Students
Totally Online: Immediacy and Presence in Online Learning
Totally Online: College Prepared to Go Online When Disaster Strikes
The Education Budget Crisis: Is It Necessary?
Interview: Steve Cooper of TechUofA
‘Jam on the American Graduation Initiative’ on Sep. 16
Are Full Teaching Loads the Answer to the Recession?
‘The College of 2020: Students’ – A Chronicle Report
Are Online Programs Growing or Dying?
Interview with Bert Kimura: TCC 2009 April 14-16
End of the Computer Era
Michelle Rhee – What’s Really at Stake?
What Is the 21st Century Model for Education?

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