Hot@ Emerging Tech San Jose – July 20-23

ETCJ’s Jessica Knott will be at the 3rd Annual Sloan-C Symposium: Emerging Technologies for Online Learning Conference, in San Jose, California, July 20-23, 2010. While participating as tech support for TechSmith Corporation’s Camtasia Relay team, she plans to share — via live ETCJ updates — her impressions on trends, questions being asked, things people are buzzing about, etc. These will be gathered and posted, as she submits them, on this page. Please stand by. (Note: If you bookmark this page, a link will be provided at this URL to take you to the article. We plan to bump Jessica’s report to the top of the first page on July 20. A quirk in WordPress changes the URL when the publishing date is changed.)

Updated 7.21.10: Click here for Jessica’s latest reports.

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