ICE’s Seizures of Domain Names Concern Us All

Claude AlmansiBy Claude Almansi
Editor, Accessibility Issues

‘Operation in Our Sites II’ – Out of Sight for the Blind was about the inaccessibility for the blind and for people with print disabilities,  of the notices  added to the sites that were seized by ICE in the last week of November: because accessibility is what I write about here, normally and because this crass violation of the very first principle of accessibility  was so odd, from a US government’s agency, that it suggested a hoax or a parody.

Conquest Of Constantinople By The Crusaders In 1204

However,  make no mistakes these seizures concern us all, and particularly educators. As Hartwig Thomas pointed out in
US-Attacke auf das System der Domänen-Namen (my translation):

…One consequence [of the seizures] is that average users must now learn about the concepts of IP addresses and domain names, in order to keep control of what happens with them (…).

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