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TCC 2018

 Call for Participation: Registration
 Prelude March 21: Institutional Initiatives in Digital Credentials (FREE)
 Main Conference (Apr 17-19) Registration


Stefanie Panke: PLENK2010: Weeks 7-10 – The End
Stefanie Panke: PLENK 2010: Weeks 4-6 – Learning Theories, Evaluation and Literacies
Stefanie Panke: PLENK2010: Week 3 – ‘Web XXO’ Emerging Technologies
Stefanie Panke: PLENK2010: Week 2 – Personal Learning & Institutional Learning or ‘A Great Course in Diagram Making’!
Stefanie Panke: PLENK 2010: Week 1 – Just Like ‘Watching Football’
Lynn Zimmerman: PLENK2010 – How Can PLEs Benefit My Students?
Lynn Zimmerman’s account of her first day at PLENK 2010
George Siemens’ (PLENK 2010 facilitator) comment to Stefanie re “curating resources”

Solar Impulse: Around the World in a Solar Airplane

MOOC MOOC! The interview (9/11/13)

MOOCulus for Calculus Fun: An Interview with Tom Evans (7/11/13)


megaphone with writing: Call For Chapters


an apple core with text: core issues with John Sener
Do We Really Need a Core Curriculum? (2.22.11)

The Value of Curriculum Cores (3.3.11)

Standardized Tests and Foul Shooting: Look Out, Michael Jordan! (3.12.11)


Open Educational Resources – An Invitation to Reflect Your Practice by Stefanie Panke

HippoCampus, Monterey Institute for Technology and Education (sources Ray Schroeder and Sara Bernard)

MIT OpenCourseWare

OpenLearn, The Open University

Open Learning Initiative, Carnegie Mellon

Tufts OpenCourseWare

Stanford on iTunes U


Utah State OpenCourseWare

On-Demand Online Learning Programs, Kutztown University Small Business Development Center

University of Southern Queensland’s OpenCourseWare

University of California Irvine OpenCourseWare


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100 Excellent Open Access Journals for Educators, 11 Nov. 2009



‘Digital_Nation’ – Two Reviews

Assuming that Teachers Aren’t the Primary Obstacle to Change . . .

Sloan-C’s Virtual Attendance Option: Real or an Afterthought?

Sidewiki – Handy Tool or Destructive Weapon?

‘College for $99 a Month’

USDE 2009 Report on Effectiveness of Online Learning

Blended Learning Is Largely an Illusion

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