Worth Reading: “Myths Left Behind”

morrison80By James L. Morrison
Guest Author

[Comment (25 Dec. 2008) on I-Blog article: “Two Ambivalent Views of Michelle Rhee’s Efforts“]

I just read a Washington Post editorial “Myths Left Behind” (25 Dec. 2008) that relates to this discussion. The editor wrote: ”Graham Road was one of four schools recently singled out by the Education Trust for success in teaching low-income and minority students. The awards, now in their sixth year, are aptly named ‘Dispelling the Myth.’ The schools, as Education Trust President Kati Haycock said, shatter ‘the misguided and dangerous belief that achievement gaps are inevitable.’ No matter how difficult or intractable the problems in a child’s life, dedicated and effective educators can make a difference.” The editorial is worth a good read.

graham_road(photo source)